I.T Services

ACB is an IT Company whose core business is IT Maintenance and Support. We create and deliver high level support services hence the quality and expertise makes us unique. We are committed to building a reputation for professionalism, reliability and expert advice – making IT more affordable, non complex and easy to work with. We believe that our positive, no IT jargon approach to business partnerships ensures that we differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Our range of services and solutions include – IT outsource (full IT spectrum), Server/domain implementation and support, Firewalls, IT security/audit, Computer Maintenance, Corporate Network Maintenance, Computer repairs, Remote IT Support, Web designing, Data backup and restore solutions and all other general IT services.
Data and Software lies at the heart of all our technology equipments. Both are essential to help us at our work as well as at leisure. It is therefore extremely important for us to take care of our equipments.
ACB Services has a team of trained, certified professionals who can help you with all your technology needs – data recovery, data backup, installation of software, removal of virus/malware/adware, upgrading components of your system etc.

Other Services

Our network cabling installation services can supply the most cost effective data cabling solution with the least disruption to you, your office or your working environment.
Network cabling installation is a complex professional undertaking, requiring correct planning and management. We work alongside clients to supply the technical expertise combined with a professional service to ensure successful completion within an agreed budget.
From a small office to an entire building or warehouse, financial institutions, Schools and hospitals etc, we install everything from the cable itself to Radios, Repeaters, Antennas, connectors and patch panels.
ACB will work directly with you on all aspect to ensure the platform meets your needs for both existing and new infrastructure.

Your website is the face of your business so you would want it to speak for you. The better the design, the more clearly you will be able to communicate about your product, service or idea to your prospective audience.
We specialize in providing a high quality personal service to individuals and businesses of all sizes. We guide our clients towards the solution which match their own unique requirements.

We have a well stock business centre that cater for your printing, photocopy, graphic designing, WAEC Biometric registration, internet café and hotspot needs of people. Come and experience our quality services and you won’t have any regrets.

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